Week four was welcomed with big wins over Tennessee High and Morristown West. After a rough outing at Farragut, the Fighting Irish finished out the week with another win over Providence Academy.

Co-Hitters of the Week: Landon Lutterman & Kaden Martin

Co-Pitchers of the Week: Michael Kelly & Ben Sompayrac

V- Wednesday, April 7 v. Tennessee High: Win 13-7
Knoxville Catholic came out swinging with a team total of 14 hits. Kaden Martin (2022) was big at the plate with 2 homeruns and 5 RBI. Ian Hubbard (2023) had 3 hits, including a homerun. Nate Breeden (2022) and Emery Wright (2021) both had 2 hits and 2 RBI.

V- Thursday, April 8 v. Morristown West: Win 15-1
Kaden Martin (2022) had another big day, going 2-2 with a homerun and driving in 6 runs. Nate Breeden (2022) added 2 hits, Landon Lutterman (2022) with 2 hits, including a homerun and 3 RBI. Ben Sompayrac (2023) gets the win going 5 innings for the Irish.

V: Friday, April 9 v. Farragut: Loss 8-6
A rough start proved to be too much for the Irish. Top performers were Landon Lutterman (2022), 3-3 with a homerun and 2 RBI and RHP Michael Kelly (2022) who pitched a solid 4 innings, giving up 0 runs in relief.

V: Saturday, April 10 v. Providence Academy: Win 16-3
Five players with multiple hits: Kaden Martin (2022) came out swinging with 2 homeruns and 5 RBI, Nate Breeden (2022) with 2 homeruns and 3 RBI, Miller Spence (2023) went 2-2 with a Grand Slam. Hudson Lutterman (2024) and Adam Osborn (2022) each added 2 hits.

JV- Tuesday, April 6 v. Hardin Valley: Loss 9-3
Hudson Lutterman (2024) and Ben Sompayrac (2023) led the Irish with 2 hits each. Joey Lamattina (2023) added a solo homerun.

JV- Thursday, April 8 v. William Blount: Win 6-0
A much needed win for the JV Irish. Trey Kirk (2023) and Ryan Theobald (2023) each had 2 hits as the team totaled 9 hits.

JV: Friday, April 9 v. Farragut: Loss 14-1
Ryan Theobald (2023) led the Irish with 2 hits.

JV: Saturday, April 10 v. Heritage: Win 6-2
Cade Avans (2024) had a good day at bat, going 2-3. Grant Tallent (2024) took the win giving up 0 runs in 3 innings.

JV: Saturday, April 10 v. Seymour: Win 7-3
Grant Tallent (2024) went 3-3 at the plate. Aiden Alexander (2024) went 4 innings, striking out five.