Tag: Ben Sompayrac

Week Seven

Hitter of the Week: Hudson Lutterman (2024) Pitcher of the Week: Canyon Geren (2022) V- Tuesday, April 27 v. Chattanooga Christian: Win 21-0RHP, Canyon Geren (2022) allowed 0 runs. Hudson Lutterman (2024) went 4-4 on the day. Spencer Margolis (2022) and Miller Spence (2023) added 2 hits each. […]

Week Six

Hitter of the Week: Nate Breeden (2022) Pitcher of the Week: Aiden Alexander (2024) V- Tuesday, April 20 v. Baylor: Loss 10-0A tough first inning was too much for the Irish to overcome. Baylor tallied 15 hits in the shutout. V- Tuesday, April 20 v. Baylor: Loss 12-2A […]

Week Three

Week three was limited to one game per team as we celebrated Holy Week. Pitcher of the Week: Michael KellyHitter of the Week: Ben Sompayrac V- Tuesday, March 31 v. Morristown West: Win 13-2Top performers included Ian Hubbard (2023) and Ben Sompayrac (2023) both with two hits to […]